MAGNUM MIMIC® - Overcome Your Carbophobia!

Magnum MIMIC® harnesses the power of insulin mimicking to increase one’s insulin sensitivity, without increasing insulin levels in your body. A person who is “insulin resistant” has a hard time processing carbohydrates, which results in the release of excess insulin to get glucose into the resistant cells. Insulin resistance is a sign of the beginning stages of diabetes and occurs when the body is not able to utilize the insulin correctly. When your body releases excess insulin, carbs are stored as body fat, when they should be used as energy and as glycogen for bigger, fuller muscles. MIMIC® was formulated to increase insulin sensitivity for all healthy individuals. So whether you’re trying to build muscle, burn fat, or both, you need every calorie you ingest to be optimized. You want carbohydrates to supply energy and great pumps, and proteins and healthy fats to build muscle and burn fat!

Magnum MIMIC® contains advanced compounds suited for mature individuals. Science has shown that these natural, 100% Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients may increase testosterone level production. Every ingredient in Magnum Mimic® has been meticulously tested for maximum purity and effectiveness to ensure optimal absorption.*




Targets a very basic and ancient regulator of metabolism present in all animals and plants called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). Increased AMPK activation stimulates the uptake of glucose into the cells, improves insulin sensitivity, and reduces glucose production in the liver.


(Water extracted, standardized, type-A polymer Cinnamon bark) Contains the element chromium, which is needed for proper glucose metabolism, and a specific flavonoid that stimulates glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis.


Speeds the removal of carbohydrates (sugar) from the blood, and breaks down sugar and triglycerides for the production of ATP. It also stimulates insulin signaling, which supports glucose uptake by muscles as well as the metabolism of triglycerides by muscles.


Studies using Jiaogulan to treat diabetic patients (type II) showed a prompt improvement of glycemia and insulin sensitivity.


Is a critical cofactor for glucose control, helping to transport blood sugar (glucose) into cells, thereby supporting already-normal insulin action. Chromium 454™ is a highly bioavailable, water-soluble form of chromium that allows for enhanced absorption and utilization of this critical mineral.